Installing WikiRater on IE

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So, you're installing WikiRater on IE, huh? I'm going to describe the steps needed to get WikiRater running on IE8 (if you're running IE9, pat yourself on the back, and follow along). If you're still running IE 7 or earlier I highly suggest you upgrade to the latest version, or get another browser.
OK, so here we go. First right click the link below and click "Add To Favorites" (it's the bookmarklet you've been hearing so much about)
Rate on WikiRater
IE likes you to be safe, so if it says something like what is below. Feel confident in your decision and click "Yes"!

Next you probably want to save the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar for easy access, so select that from the "Create In" dropdown. Then click "Add"
We're almost done. One last gnarly bit. IE really doesn't like popups. Especially from Bookmarklets that you click! So we'll have to add a popup exception so WikiRater can popup a new window when you're on a wikipedia page. To do that click Tools (in the upper right hand corner) then click "Internet Options"
You may not think it, but popups are part of your privacy. So click the "Privacy" tab at the top of the Internet Options window. Now click the "Settings" button in the Pop-up Blocker section.
Now type "" or "*" if you're in another country into the text box at the top of the window called "Address of website to allow". Click Add and you're all done. Click "Close" to this window then "OK" to the window underneath and you can browse to any wikipedia article you'd like and rate to your hearts desire!