Before we get started, be sure to register. There's no use in going through all of this if you haven't registered.
The crux of using WikiRater is installing a bookmarklet, which isn't something that everybody's done before. For that reason I'd like to walk you through a little bit. A bookmarklet hangs out on yoru bookmarks bar and adds some functionality to your browsing experience. For example it may allow you to easily use another service like delicious or to change the way a webpage looks.
The WikiRater bookmarklet simply opens a small window that will let you quickly rate an article. You will send the page your currently viewing to WikiRater and that is all.


On to the fun stuff, getting this sucker installed. Installation is as simple as dragging the link to your bookmarks bar.
note: installing on Internet Explorer is a little more tricky, for those instructions I've had to create a new page dedicated to IE.
First make sure your Bookmarks bar is displayed
Now click on the bookmarklet link and drag it to the bookmarks bar.
The bookmarklets are all over the place, but there's one right here
Rate on WikiRater
and one at the bottom of every page. So don't bother going back to the main page of the site, the image is there just for demonstration purposes.
Drag Bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar


Once you've got the bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar using WikiRater's a breeze! Just click the bookmarklet when you're on a wikipedia page and another small window will popup that will let you vote. Click your vote and close the window, you're done!
Browse to a Wikipedia Article and click the Bookmarklet
Browse to a Wikipedia Article and click the Bookmarklet
Once you've rated the article you'll see what WikiRater would have rated the article. After a while you may find yourself anticipating what WikiRater might rate an article, but please resist the urge to match how you think WikiRater will rate the article. I want WikiRater to learn from you, not the other way around!
Rating done